Physics Workshops for Two-Year College and High School Instructors

A Project of Lee College (TX), Estrella Mountain Community College (AZ) and the National Science Foundation
ATE Program for Physics Faculty
This project is supported in part by grants (#0603272 and #1003633) from the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) through the
AdvancedTechnological Education Program (ATE) of the National Science Foundation.


This Project provided a series of three-day, intensive focused, hands-on professional and curriculum development workshops/conferences and follow-up activities for physics teachers in TYCs and HSs. These workshops and conferences were aimed at teachers who serve students involved in technology-based or technician careers. There were four to five workshop/conferences per year held at various TYCs with special incentives to encourage teams of HS and TYC teachers. Since 2006, this Project has conducted 40 workshops and conferences at 14 sites in 12 states. Over 770 participants have attended one of these workshops or conferences, representing over 350 different colleges and schools in 41 different states and 2 US territories. This project built upon an earlier physics workshop project that held 61 workshops over 15 years.

Educators from TYCs HSs, and colleges/universities, which include implementation leaders, and developers from business and industry led these workshops. They dealt with effective integration, technology implementation, and learning strategies in areas such as microcomputer-based laboratories, digital video, computer simulations, conceptual tasks and tools, computational modeling, web and internet activities, group work, assessment of learning, and physics related technician education. Click here to read what participants got from attending a workshop/conference.

Introductory Lab/Activities for classroom use developed as part of this project can be found here. NEW!


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We applied for funding again in 2015 and learned this spring we were not funded. Thus no funding, means no workshops.


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