Hello and welcome the TIP workshop at EMCC. Below you will find the rooming list for the workshop. Please check that it correctly shows whether you are staying Saturday night or not and if you asked for a single. If there are mistakes please email Dwain at dwain.desbien@estrellamountain.edu ASAP. Also please check you arrival time on the spread sheet and see what time you are being picked up. Once again if there are errors in you arrival time please let Dwain know ASAP. When it nears your arrival time please procede to the curb outside the terminal. If you arrive in Terminal 3 or 4 please go to the SOUTH curb. If you arrive at terminal 2 please go to the curb directly in front of the baggage claim. You will be looking for a white Van with an TIP workshop and EMCC sign taped to the window. Our vans are not marked. For a couple of the pick ups you may notice there are only a few of you being picked up. It is possible you will be picked up by a grey Nissan Ultima with the same signs. I will post which is going to pick you up as soon as I know for sure. Thanks and welcome. (updated 4/8)


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